1er Cru Sur La Roche

To the west of Mâcon, in southern Burgundy, Pouilly-Fuissé produces wines which are
famous the world over from a vineyard with Mediterranean characteristics. Wines from the foot of the rocks…

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2020  2021  

The rocky outcrops of Solutré and Vergisson, emblematic of these vineyards, remind us that from a height of five hundred metres, 200 million years of history is looking down on us ! Indeed, 20,000 years ago one of the most fully evolved prehistoric cultures flourished here.

Premier Cru appellation created in 2020, with new specifications. 194 ha premier cru over 800 ha of Pouilly-Fuissé. 22 classified climates. “Sur la Roche” is one of the plots which has been partly classified as Premier Cru, in the town of Vergisson. This climate is characterized by its altitude at 375 m and its slope at 15%.


Grape variety: Chardonnay
Soils: shallow from hard limestones.
Orientation: South-East
Average age of the vines: 80 years old.


Bottling: in May 2021.

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