1er Cru Les Arvelets

The little village of Pommard is jealously guarded by its vineyards, on the flanks of the slope.
The fame of the nectar produced here goes back centuries: for indeed, as long ago as the Middle Ages,
the wines of Pommard were being shipped to the Popes of Avignon…

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Between Beaune and Volnay extends the vast vineyard of Pommard which unfolds on each side of a monumental combe.
The plot "Les Arvelets" is located at the exit of this valley on the north slope. Exposed south with a clay-limestone soil rich in iron oxide covered with alluvium and silt, this premier cru is the steepest of the appellation.
The Latin roots of the word "arvelet" refer to the presence of old fields, plowing land at this location.


Grape variety: pinot noir
Soils: clay-limestone rich in iron oxide.
Orientation: South
Surface area under vine: 0.5158 ha
Pruning: Guyot system
Yield: 44 hL/ha
Average age of the vines: 45 years old.

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