1er Cru Cherbaudes

The name has prestigious overtones; the location is one of the noblest imaginable. The very least one can say is that Gevrey-Chambertin is where the Grands Crus of the Burgundy Côte really begin…

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For travellers coming from Dijon, Gevrey-Chambertin is where Burgundy’s Elysian Fields begin. At the entrance to the hollowed hill of Lavaux, a château -once a property of the monks of Cluny - resembles a fortified wine-cellar. The canons of Langres, too, were for a long time guardians of these vineyards which can be dated back to the year 640 AD, evidence of a long and intimate involvement in the history of Burgundy's wine industry. Gevrey-Chambertin forms a kind of guard of honour to a set of fabulous Grands Crus whose crown jewels are Chambertin and Clos de Bèze. The appellation dates from September 1936. The village of Brochon is an extension of Gevrey-Chambertin, sharing the same characteristics. The Pinot Noir is at its peak performance here.

"Les Cherbaudes" is a small plot of 2 ha, classified as Premier Cru. Its neighbors are Mazis-Chambertin, Chambertin and Chapelle-Chambertin ... This climat name comes from an ancient 'Chenevière', that is the land where hemp was cultivated. Culture developed in Burgundy since the Middle Ages and which was still called in the 16th century Chèrebaud.


Grape variety: pinot noir
Soils: shallow, brown in color with limestone pebbles.
Orientation: South-East
Surface area under vine: 0.1420 ha
Pruning: Guyot system
Yield: 41 hL/ha
Average age of the vines: 45 years old.

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