1er Cru Les Grèves 2018

In Beaune, wine and pleasure are at the top of the agenda!
Pleasure on the eyes in the form of the Hospices, and pleasure of the senses with the superb mosaic of nature and humans formed by the vineyards of Beaune.

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The vineyards of Beaune are unique in that out of approximately 400 ha of vines under production, over 300 ha are classified as Premier Cru. The appellation is divided into two parts, north and south, which are separated by a division marked by the road that goes from Beaune up to Bouze-Lès-Beaune.

In Old French, “Grèves” referred to sandy soil that was well adapted to viticulture. The 30-hectare “Les Grèves” vineyard is assuredly one of Beaune’s best-known Premiers Crus. Seen from above, it forms a square block and occupies the entire length of the gentle, east-facing slope.


Grape variety: pinot noir
Soils: very stony and sandy
Orientation: East
Surface area under vine: 0,8800 ha
Pruning: Guyot system
Yield: 42 hL/ha
Average age of the vines: 70 years old.


Harvest date: from 6th to 9th September 2018.
The grapes were handpicked. They were sorted a first time in the vineyard and again on the sorting table when they arrived at the winery.
At the winery: the grapes were 50% destemmed but not crushed (they were left whole) and were gravity-fed into tanks. Maceration with 50% of entire grapes lasted a total of 14 days including 3 days of cold maceration (12°C). Fermentation used indigenous yeasts only (no additives such as enzymes or tannins were used). 1 punching of the cap. Vinification without sulfur.


Maturation: aged on the lees for 17 months with no racking using a proportion of 40% new French oak barrels.
Barrels: French oak barrels that had been toasted at low temperatures for a long time to impart a very delicate touch of oak to the wine.


Bottling in March 2020, the wine was very gently filtered before being bottled using gravity.
Number of bottles: 4,909.


2018, abundance and excellence
After a winter that was almost too mild, the vintage was notable for two contrasting periods. Spring was sunny and totally devoid of frost, despite some localized episodes of hail, which had major impact on certain plots on the Côte de Nuits, which were hit in June. Then the summer was dry and hot, blocking the ripening process in places. Picking began early, with exceptionally abundant fruit in tip-top condition, offering the potential for some very fine wines.
Ageing potential: 10 years and more.

Tasting notes

This wine, little extracted, is very delicate. Its nose is distinguished by its finesse, its notes of red fruits and spices. On the palate, the tannins are very silky. A drinkable wine.

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