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Jean-Claude Boisset

The vatting room, designed according to time-honoured Burgundy tradition, first entered service for the 2002 harvest. Surrounded by courtyards and gardens, cellars and vines, it is located at the very heart of Nuits-Saint-Georges. 41 wooden vats, each with a capacity of 5-18 barrels, make it possible to process different batches separately, as required by the diversity of Burgundy's terroirs.

Why wood ? Not for its aesthetic appeal, but rather because wood has an inertness which suits the vinification process perfectly. More than thirty different appellations are vinified here, always in small batches (an average of 11 barrels per cuvée). We have fragmented our approach to such an extent that within a well-specified appellation, we vinify several batches separately.

The aim of this is to obtain a cuvée which represents its terroir as authentically as possible. The grapes - and then the wines - are always pumped by gravity out of respect for the raw material, to avoid unsettling the Pinot Noir, with its particular sensitivity to exposure to air. The grapes are vatted by gravity, a system which is used up until bottling - which takes place in the cellar.