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Jean-Claude Boisset


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100% Chardonnay


The vines are mainly planted on the right flank of the broad combe which meanders towards La Rochepot. The appellation area is spread over two different massifs: one, the Montagne de Savoie, which ends the Côte d'Or and the other with the mountain of Ban which is perpendicular.
The plot 'En Remilly' is located on the second slope and adjoins the largest names of the golden triangle. This climate is located a few meters from the Montrachet, facing south with a good stony ground. It is recognized as the best premier cru of the appellation with « Murgers des dents de chien ».

Vineyard selection and management

This wine comes from selected vineyards (no young vines) and respects strict requirements with regard to yields, for example. The soil is worked to encourage and maintain the soil’s bacterial life which is necessary for the terroir to fully express itself.

Vinification and maturing

Harvest date: 17 September 2009.
At the winery: the whole bunches of grapes were gently pressed for 2½ hours. The temperature of the must was brought down to 12°C then was immediately transferred to barrels with no settling to preserve a maximum of lees. Long fermentation (up to 10 months!) using indigenous yeasts.
In the cellar: aged for 15 months with no racking or stirring to bring out all of this wine’s minerality. A proportion of 25% new French oak barrels that had been toasted at low temperatures for a long time to impart a subtle, delicate touch of oak were used.
Bottling: the wine was bentonite fined and very gently filtered before being bottled using gravity in January 2011.
3,600 750-ml bottles were produced.

Tasting notes

Visual: golden yellow highlights.
Nose: very delicate with aromas of white flowers and a discrete touch of oak.
Palate: very soft with a great deal of minerality – this wine is already very pleasing.

Food and wine pairing

Lobster, roasted spiny lobster, fish with cream sauce, chicken with cream sauce, Roquefort and Bleus cheese.

Ageing potential

5 to 8 years

Serving suggestions


Vintage : 2009

Everyone agrees that 2009 was an exceptional year. Indeed it was, given the high quality of the sun-gorged grapes which were very healthy and had reached optimum maturity. Very little sorting was necessary this year at the winery. The red wines are very concentrated and very ripe with low acidity and good colour which means they will be drinkable in their youth. The Chardonnays are rich with moderate acidity.