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Jean-Claude Boisset

The tale of our father, Jean-Claude Boisset, is unique in Burgundy, and is the foundation of the very spirit of the company itself. His remarkable story began in the early 1960s, in an optimistic, confident France. The son of schoolteachers, he founded his fledgling wine company - next door to Gevrey-Chambertin - at an early age. He had three main things on his side: optimism, tenacity and luck.
These assets were quick to stimulate his sales on the international market; first of all in Britain, followed gradually by Europe and later the United States. Throughout this time, he enjoyed the loving support of our mother. Customer relationships were forged and grew through friendship and a common bond of wine. Our parents have been there for us throughout each of the important stages of our lives, and today they still remain true to the youthful complicity and single-mindedness which has lasted a lifetime! For each of us, it is an adventure to be lived to the fullest. And the family spirit still underpins everything we do. One generation follows another, yet the essential energy remains the same.

Nathalie et Jean-Charles Boisset