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Jean-Claude Boisset

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The outstanding 2012 harvests provided the first cuvée without sulfite from Jean-Claude Boisset. In other words, no sulfur was added during vinification. Sulfur is decried by some, and can be responsible for headaches if used in excess. Yet since antiquity it has been used to protect wine from following its natural progression into vinegar. It also helps fix the color.

So why take the risk of producing a non-sulfured wine? Because without it, the particularity of the wine and its terroir are even more pronounced. This is a long way from the trend for wines known as “natural”, which are sometimes oxidative.

In fact, we now know that a sulfur-free approach reinforces aromatic complexity, improves texture, and results in richer, more rounded and smoother wines, that are easier to drink and have a better capacity for ageing *.

It’s all about getting closer to the very nature of the wine, and if doing this means working without a safety net, it’s a challenge that the house winemaker willingly accepts.

There is, however, no room for approximation. The wine has to be perfect because it is starkly exposed. Each stage of vinification is carried out under careful surveillance, since the method allows no margin for error. The starting point is the selection of grapes that are ripe, in perfect health, and with a good balance between acidity and tannin, in order to obtain a wine that is solid enough to face ageing untroubled.

So everything starts in the vine; the fruit comes from a plot on the lower part of Nuits-Saint-Georges, the noblest of origins, which Grégory knows well since he has followed the growing cycle there and has vinified its output for the past seven years. The vines are 50 years old, from a massal selection of some very fine plants. Here are the first observations on a promising wine to watch.

In brief

  • Cuvée of 900 bottles (3 barrels)

  • 24 days’ maceration

  • 7 times punched down

  • Aged in wood for 7-8 months

  • 100% new oak

  • French oak, with very fine grain; long, slow toast.

  • A fairly concentrated wine for a “simple Burgundy”

  • Aromas of fresh fruit, delicate tannins

  • Superb length

  • Available from September 2013

* “Les Grands Vins sans Sulfite”

The first treaty of vinification without sulfite,

by enologist Arnaud Immélé, published by Vinédia, 2012