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Jean-Claude Boisset

Les Ursulines opens to the public

“…A terrestrial and celestial winery…”

Les Ursulines is open! This former convent in the heart of Nuits-Saint-Georges has been brought back to life by the Jean-Claude Boisset wine house. The winery was inaugurated with the 2018 harvest, almost 300 years after the Ursuline nuns first arrived in 1717.

This construction fits naturally into the landscape, like an extension of the vines into the town. The buildings and the gardens simply exude calm, reflecting the peaceful lives of religious orders. This is perfect for the slow-paced production of great Burgundy wines. Like a bridge between the 18th and 21st centuries, the winery is a natural extension of our winegrowing heritage.

Dedicated to producing haute-couture wines, this winery is both an example of architectural prowess, with its vegetation-covered arched roof above, and ancient vaulted cellars below, enclosing a magnificent winery space that is dedicated to wine.

Environmental concerns were at the heat of the Boisset family’s thinking. This is a “passive” building that uses very little energy and relies on natural flows. It is ecologically virtuous and is based on a geobiological design concept.

This is the first winery designed by Frédéric Didier. A Burgundy-based architect from the Artene agency who works in Versailles, he combined his skills in bringing value to heritage sites to produce a building that is both contemporary and traditional, between vines and wine – one that is both celestial and terrestrial.

The Ursulines winery is now open to the public, revealing its rounded shapes under the celestial light of its allegorical stained-glass window, its vaulted cellars, the glass cube tasting space, its French-style gardens with the vortex on its telluric axis and the armillary sphere on its historic axis, opposite the covered walkway. This is a place that buzzes with life, where the energy of people and the cosmos come together to bring out the excellence of the wines. Visitors are treated to an intimate tour, reflecting the nature of the house wines.

Since 1961, Jean-Claude Boisset has been producing wines from 40 hectares. Viniculturist Grégory Patriat produces them without artifice. Small, hand-stitched cuvées are produced according to different creative lines: Elite wines, most of which are produced without sulfur; organic cuvées; white wines from red terroir and vice-versa; and subtle variations from a single plot.

Jean-Claude Boisset puts his signature to wines created in Burgundy, mainly on the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune, with a natural style. These are forthright, precise, silky wines that are resolutely fruity. Other novel wines and little gems make up a collection of some 40 cuvées inspired by the patchwork of Burgundy climats, offering the purest possible expression of the terroir.

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