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Jean-Claude Boisset

Grégory Patriat has wholeheartedly and uncompromisingly subscribed to our vision for our wines. In 2002, he became Jean-Claude Boisset's official viniculturalist. This role reconciles the two separate arts of vinification and cultivation, making him a link between the two stages - a kind of 'midwife' to the wine.

Grégory has the luxury of being able to choose his own grapes. He enjoys a symbiotic relationship with 'his' growers; that is to say, the ones who are willing to accept his drastic selection policy and requirements. But Grégory's own master is the wine itself, whose laws are absolute and tolerate no dissention. Grégory is a quiet young man with the manner of a student but a maturity beyond his years. Concentrated and serious, he makes far-reaching decisions with the casual air of one to whom inflexibility comes naturally.