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Jean-Claude Boisset

Respect remains our watchword: the grapes are vatted by gravity, without crushing. No oenological products such as yeasts, enzymes or tannins are added: this policy is chiefly a pragmatic working philosophy, but also stems from a desire to avoid altering the character of the terroir. The cap is punched manually twice a day from the start of fermentation onwards, and sugar is sometimes added at the very end of fermentation if there is a need to prolong the process.

Grégory tastes the juice every day to check the quality. Maceration is fairly extended: this initial stage in the 'birth' of the wine, bringing out its refinement and providing the first outlines of its future character, lasts around three weeks in all. Three weeks of happiness and stress at the same time. Once the sugars have been entirely converted, the grape must is pressed gently, then transported by gravity (rather than by removing it from the vat) directly into the barrel.

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