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Jean-Claude Boisset

Our philosophy can be summed up in three words: origins, purity, elegance. Origins: the representation of the terroir in its original form. It also evokes the origins of the appellations which form a part of the Jean-Claude Boisset story. Purity : the pure forms of 'real' wines, the fruits of the earth. A purity of taste, in an unadulterated form, without oenological additions. Elegance: a modern style, yet rooted in change and up-to-date. Pure distinctiveness.

Burgundy through and through Thus bathed in the light of renewal, our new range - our Collection - was born. Each of the appellations is the result of rigorous selection and has been produced in limited quantities. This is the way of things in Burgundy. handcrafted in meticulous detail, according to a philosophy of 'letting the vine do the work'. A taste reveals our aim of striving for authentic wines in which human intervention has been kept to a bare, discreet minimum; the wines are concentrated, well-rounded, and - of course - expressive of their terroirs. When people are silent, the earth can speak.