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Jean-Claude Boisset


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100% Chardonnay


The Nuits-Saint-Georges appellation has only 6.79 ha of white premier cru. A rarity! The plot "Les Terres Blanches" located at the edge of the forest of the Mountain on the village of Premeaux-Prissey offers the most famous chardonnays of the appellation. Exposed south, the soil is predominantly limestone, it is light and very filtering. Dotted with small white gravel, it gives its name to the climate.

Vineyard selection and management

This wine was produced from old vines subjected to particular growing techniques: high pruning of the vines, limited yields due to severe disbudding, green harvest if needed, crop cover grown between the rows, little or no use of fertilizers, environmentally friendly pest management that respects beneficial wildlife.

Vinification and maturing

Harvest date: 9 September 2017, the grapes were handpicked and collected in 20-kg perforated crates.
At the winery: the whole bunches of grapes were gently pressed for 2½ hours. The temperature of the must was cooled to 12°C and was transferred directly into 450L barrels without settling of the must in order to keep most of the lees. Very long fermentation period using indigenous yeasts.
In the cellar: aged for 18 months without being racked. The lees were not stirred so as to allow all of the wine’s minerality to shine through. A proportion of 50% new French oak barrels was used; they were toasted for a long time and at a low temperature to impart a subtle, delicate flavour to the wine.
Bottling: March 2019.
Production: 1.200 bottles

Tasting notes

Color: Pale yellow with golden highlights.
Nose: A noble nose mixing aromas of white and yellow fruits as well as subtle notes of flint.
Palate: A tangy wine, silky rather freshness, far from the standards of the appellation.

Ageing potential

From 5 to 8 years.

Vintage : 2017

The 2017 vintage, the epitome of Bourgogne elegance.
After spending the winter building up their strength, the vines profited fully from a very warm spring, with budburst in early April ensuring a head start in terms of the growth cycle that was maintained right up to the harvest. The plants progressed from stage to stage free from hindrance, and by mid-June, were flowering before rapid fruit set. An early vintage was confirmed.
During the summer, a few spells of heatwave alternated with more mixed weather. However, ripening continued at a good pace and by the end of August, the first grapes were being picked, two weeks ahead of average. Harvesting continued until mid-September as each plot reached peak maturity. The grapes were in exceptional health and required virtually no sorting. Everyone was very enthusiastic about this fabulous fruit, its peak ripeness, and the volumes produced.
Vinification went without a hitch and the mood was one of serenity for this vintage when the Bourgogne winegrowing region returned to more habitual levels of quality and quantity.
The 2017 vintage is one of the most elegant expressions of the Chardonnay grape, with perfectly balanced wines and a wonderful aromatic profile. They are crisp, with notes of citrus and white-fleshed fruit. Aeration triggers the release of hints of peach and apricot, while in the mouth, minerality and tension balance out this rich, fruit-filled palette. A very fine vintage indeed!
For red wines, intense, dazzling colors ranging from ruby to garnet. From first glance, these wines simply invite one to taste them. Notes of red and black berries in these extremely expressive wines are another sign of indulgence, while perfect balance in the mouth combined with silky tannins results in a very harmonious ensemble that is subtle and without opulence.