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Jean-Claude Boisset

MEURSAULT "Clos du Cromin" 2016

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100% Chardonnay


With nearly 400 ha of vines, Meursault stands out as one of Burgundy’s key appellations. Almost all of its vineyards cover rather gentle slopes and benefit from eastern exposure. Among the thirty or so well-situated vineyards on the slope, some have the reputation for producing exceptional “Villages” whites.  “Clos du Cromin” is a very fine example of such a wine that can often show as much if not more substance than a Premier Cru. This vineyard is located between Meursault and Volnay.

Vineyard selection and management

This wine comes from selected vineyards (no young vines) and respects strict requirements with regard to yields, for example. The soil is worked to encourage and maintain the soil’s bacterial life which is necessary for the terroir to fully express itself.

Vinification and maturing

Harvest date: 28th September 2016. The grapes were handpicked and collected in 20-kg perforated crates. The grapes were sorted a first time in the vineyard and a second time when they arrived at the winery.
At the winery: The whole bunches of grapes were gently pressed for 2½ hours. The temperature of the must was brought down to 12°C then was immediately transferred to barrels with no settling to preserve a maximum of lees. Long fermentation (up to 10 months) using indigenous yeasts.
In the cellar: Aged for 14 months with no racking or stirring to bring out all of this wine’s minerality. A proportion of 35% new French oak barrels that had been toasted at low temperatures for a long time to impart a subtle, delicate touch of oak were used.
Bottling: The wine was bentonite fined and very gently filtered before being bottled using gravity in December 2017.
Production: 2.000 bottles.

Tasting notes

Color: Straw yellow and limpid. Nose: Powerful aromas of white flowers, interspersed with citrus. A slightly buttery and spicy wine. Palate: A tangy wine with a very nice freshness. A very long mouth.

Ageing potential

7 to 10 years.

Vintage : 2016

2016 – a miraculous vintage !
Given a difficult start, the wines of Burgundy have an unexpected high quality - as much as we could have hoped. After one of the mildest Winters since 1900, the growers suffered vineyard damage in Springtime which severely reduced the size of the potential harvest. In fact in the month of April we experienced devastating frosts over an exceptionally wide area. Hailstorms caused further damage during May in the Maconnais and North Burgundy. The weather changed completely with the arrival of Summer: with sunshine and warmth which allowed the vines to catch up with their growth. There was adequate rainfall which helped the growth continue in good conditions with the harvest taking place just at the right time. Vintage 2016 thus offers some fine surprises with wines of potentially high quality. The white wines have fine fruit aromas, are generous with good body and will be ready to drink while young whereas the red wines are powerful, tender, concentrated and will be ideal for ageing.